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Twisted Log Cabin

I think this is worth a second look


The twisted log cabin is easy and fun to make.

All you need is Quilt in a Day’s  2.5”  Strip Wonky ruler. A 14” turntable cutting mat, 6”x24” ruler and a 6” square up ruler are recommended but not required. I used what I had on hand, a 12” turntable, a June Tailor Shape Cut ruler, and a 9” square up ruler.


The Wonky ruler comes with instructions for making the twisted log cabin block. Also, there are layouts for wall hangings, king, queen, twin and lap quilts.

The pattern instructions, which include full color pictures to illustrate each step, are easy to follow.

The fabric and color selection chart has the yardage and number of 2.5” strips needed for five sizes. I choose creams and browns for a twin quilt.


I was pleased that the project made a dent in my fabric stash!

It is important to follow the instructions. It will make the project quick, easy and hassle free. 


Chain piecing each side of the log cabin saves time and fabric.


With each complete pass around the center square the Wonky ruler cuts will ‘twist’ the block before attaching the next pairs of light and dark strips. The Wonky Ruler has marked slots for each of the 4 cuts.


For the last and final cut, the Wonky ruler has two green “square up” ruler lines. It is VERY important to check and make sure fabric is within the green lines and cutting slots BEFORE the cuts are made. When complete, it is a 12.5” unfinished block.


Again, life will be easier when the pressing instructions are followed. The block will piece easily and will lay flat.


By the way, I choose to press the seams between blocks open. I use a 1.8mm stitch length, so the seams are secure. I pressed them open because I wanted to reduce bulk and help create an easy canvas for free motion quilting.


I like the final result and I am looking forward to quilting it!

Check out Diana’s quilt top at Ray’s Sew Crafty. Her layout includes alternating applique blocks.

By the way, Quilt in a Day has a video demo on their Youtube channel. The video is called 'Chimneys and Cornerstones'. The Wonky ruler demo begins almost an hour into the video.

The video includes several quilts where the Wonky Ruler was used with the chimneys and cornerstones and log cabin blocks.

Stay tuned! Quit in a Day will soon have Wonky Ruler patterns for the chimneys and cornerstones block and the tossed 9-patch block.

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October Hit List

I would like to finish the following projects this month:

  1. Blocklotto’s October block of the month, woven bars
  2. My mom’s birthday quilt
  3. The Instagram mini swap quilt
  4. Quilters Dream batting comparison and blog post.

For the Lovely Finishes link up, I would like to finish the Quilters Dream batting comparison. So far I have five different batts quilted. I decided I wanted to add Quilters Dream cotton poly blend and Quilters Dream wool.

By the end of the month, I need six more batt samples quilted and the Quilters Dream Comparison blog post completed.

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Piec-lique and Paperless Piecing

As you know, I love learning new techniques. Over the last two days I learned how glue basting fabric pieces before stitching produces amazing and consistent results.

I had the pleasure of taking Cristy Fincher’s classes at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo.

The first class, Easy Curves with Piec-lique, was fun and easy. Using your own fabric we created her “Inverse” quilt block.

The second class, Intro to Paperless Piecing, featured the “Sweet Sunshine” quilt block.

As you see each block can produce a different quilt design.

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Free Motion Quilting Sample - Swirling Feathers

Have you ever headed down a creative path unsure where it would take you?  Well, this is what happen with Swirling Feathers.

What started as an experiment with applique mushroomed into a free motion quilting technique and pattern sample.

Applique - Feathers cut with AccuQuilt Feather die. The raw edge feathers are free motion stitched with Glide thread.

Trapunto -  Free motion pebbling on a layer of Quilters Dream Poly and Dream Puff on top gives each feather a three dimensional quality.

Relief FMQ - Dense stitches are key to creating relief. In contrast to trapunto, relief is one layer of batting and low in height. The tightly stitched McTavishing on one layer of Quilters Dream Poly batting is just enough to elevate the arches without drawing attention from the feathers

Quilting Patterns - Pebbles, Paisley, & McTavishing

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WIP - 80th Birthday Gift

My mom’s Stars and Four-Patches quilt has finally moved up the UFO chain. It’s a pattern from Eleanor Burns book, Still Stripping After 25 years.

In four days I attached the Seminole borders, the outer border and basted the 93” x 107” quilt.

I hope to have it quilted, the binding attached and gift wrapped by her 80th birthday. Her birthday is November 16th.

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